Kabir Khan Is Back With Phantom Official Trailer Starring Katrina Kaif And Saif Ali Khan

A story you wish were true; that’s the tag line of this much awaited Kabir Khan masterpiece called Phantom. Phantom Official Trailer is fast paced and loaded with action; typically Kabir Khan. Saif Ali Khan looks absolutely fresh and dashing in his brand new avatar. We are genuinely hoping it brings this talented actor back in the game. We aren’t too sure of the role that Katrina is playing in the film, but delivers well. Phantom Official Trailer doesn’t give away too much about the plot, but it’s definitely heavily inspired by the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. Director Kabir Khan who has recently struck gold with Bajrangi Bhaijaan has raised the bar of our expectations for Phantom. The trailer is definitely promising; we hope the film is equally awesome.

The plot of the film may remind one of D Day; a film that was based on how would it be if India caught Dawood and brought an end to the gangster. Although D Day did well several critics weren’t impressed considering that it was all a fantasy inspired from real life. Phantom too talks about India’s revenge against the Pakistani terrorists who took Indian lives in the 26/11 terror attack. Apparently the idea was inspired from the U.S after it got into Pakistan and brought an end to Osama-Bin-Laden. Therefore, however impressive the plot of the film may be, it’s all a fantasy and could fall flat on it’s face if it’s not presented well. The trailer is impressive, no doubt, we hope the film is too. We are willing to bet on Kabir Khan’s direction looking at his career graph and after the recent success of Bajrangi Bhaijaan we are even more confident.

Don’t miss out on Phantom Trailer, you will love it!


Source: UTV Motion Pictures

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