Ranveer Singh Dancing At A Wedding


This guy never fails to enthral and surprise us. Ranveer Singh Dancing at a wedding is the buzzword on the internet today. It was one of his friend’s wedding. It looked like the baarat when suddenly the band started playing “Ainvayi Ainvayi”. What next? Well madness by the star!

Ranveer Singh dancing at a wedding grabbed everyone’s eye balls within seconds of it being uploaded on social media. As it the actor is riding high on the success of Bajirao Mastani and receiving loads of awards and praises for it. So in a time when you already have enough reasons to dance and party and then have a friend getting hitched; you know you have struck gold. The actor hasn’t only acted on the screen and entertained us; time and again he has taught us how to have fun. The video is going viral for all the right reasons and we couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear after watching the video.

Every fan that we know of began sharing the video os Ranveer Singh Dancing at a wedding like it was some hot piece of cake. It just goes out to show the actor’s tremendous popularity and the love he receives from all corners of the world by doing something as simple as dancing at a friend’s wedding! The video has been watched multiple times. We must say that the actor has finally arrived in style after five years of consistent hard work in the industry.

As it is when it comes to Bollywood we hardly find shades of gray in the country. Either they butcher the star or worship him/her. There is no middle way. We hope Ranveer Singh keeps getting all the love and praise always!

Ainvayi Ainvayi Loot Gaya!

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