AIB’s Save the Bhai Video is Sarcastically Hilarious

This is the kind of sarcasm that Chandler would not only appreciate but also imitate (we dare say!). AIB’s latest Save the Bhai (Salman Khan) video posted on the 14th of May has gone viral for all the right reasons. It’s a perfect mirror for all of us who are busy discussing Salman Khan’s case and make jokers out of ourselves as a nation. Have we really progressed so much as nation that we now have the time to defend this celeb who is actually a criminal? Yes, yes he is “Being Human” by helping several others and his actions are a testimony to his change of heart, but would we have defended a common man this vigorously? AIB’s Save the Bhai video laughs at our nation’s attitude and at our priorities as the youth of this nation. It’s sharply scripted and equally hilarious! Most importantly, it works as a sharp message for all of us. It’s high time we let the court take the charge of the situation and not question it. One of the best moments is when they have made a comparison between Game of Thrones and Salman Khan! Save the Bhai is not just a sarcastic take on the youth of our nation, it’s also a big eye opener for most of us who blindly follow celebrities without using an organ called brain that sits in our heads. It’s high time we ditched “Bhai” and support punishment for whoever it is that takes innocent lives. Also, check out the full form of “Bhai” (big claps!). It feels good to know that there are people out there who are making an effort to voice the injustice and truth in a light hearted, hilarious and yet a pointed manner! We need videos and mockery like these to be made more often, at least until we all get our individual and national priorities in place. Save the Bhai is a must watch! Well done, AIB!


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