Jon Snow To A Dinner Party


We all love and adore this character for everything that he is and stands up for, but if you were to invite Jon Snow to a Dinner Party get ready for a lot of awkwardness and weird hilarious situation. Jon Snow can be the best guy out there but shove him to a Dinner Party and he is the worst guest ever. This is definitely one of the best videos that mashed up a different setup and a ridiculously misfit character for that setup and nailed it. This is a treat for all Game of Thrones fans.

You have to listen to the dialogues to realize how insanely creative these guys are. While everyone are busy chatting about their jobs and “how cold it is in winter”; Jon Snow is busy fixating on how “Winter is coming” and therefore everyone must be careful with the kind of people they socialize. It’s crazy to see Jon Snow in his “crow” attire while everyone else is dressed like we all would at a regular dinner meet.

We still cannot fathom how the actors managed to pull a strait face throughout the sequence. We wouldn’t have stopped laughing even if our sides hurt. Here is a character, from a completely opposite lifestyle and environment, shoved into a modern day dinner-table conversation; who could have thought if this could even happen. For all the ladies out there, we know you’d sell your kidney to dine with this charmer even if it meant him asking you to be careful because hey! Winter is coming! The video has broken the internet and GOT fans cannot get enough of this!

If you still haven’t seen this one, watch it and you will thank us later!


Source: Late Night with Seth Meyers

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