Jon Snow Big Reveal On Game Of Thrones

It isn’t a big secret any more but even then, DO NOT go any further if you haven’t watched Game of Thrones season 6 episode 2 titled ‘Home’ yet.


So all of us gasped and couldn’t control our excitement when Jon Snow opened his eyes in shock and gasped for air in “Home” last Sunday. The internet has gone bonkers and everyone’s in the mood to nudge HBO and say, “We always knew you were fooling us; we knew there would be a Jon Snow big reveal.” But now, we believe it its high time we get past that moment and actually try to understand what happened on the show last week and how that can impact the series further.

So Jon Snow woke up to life after Melisandre did her trick on him.

What does this Jon Snow big reveal mean now?

The first most important question is,

Has he changed?

You know how it is right? I mean he could have like a memory loss or he could remember everything, but feel different somehow. He could be more powerful or less. We are definitely hoping that he shuns the ‘good boy’ image and becomes a lot darker. You know the kinds where he is still good at heart, but knows his shit better this time?

Jon Snow Big Reveal

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What does it mean for Melisandre now?

Yes, she will probably help Jon Snow become Jon Stark or Lord Stark for that matter, but how? There is no one to legitimize Snow as of now. Unless of course we are still sticking to the ‘Lady Stoneheart’ theory. Also, even if Melisandre manages to stick by Davos and Jon Snow, what is going to be her role after all? For some reason it feels like a major part of what she was on the show for is accomplished. Does that mean she could eventually die now?

Jon Snow big reveal

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What happens to the Night’s Watch now?

After Jon Snow’s big reveal this is a poignant question. What will Jon Snow do now? We cannot deny that he was practically dead and therefore his vows for the watch died with him. He is now a free man to do whatever he wishes to (at least that’s what “Oathbreaker”, next episode for the season is titled as). In that case, probably Snow’s friends will follow him. The Wildlings have infiltrated Castle Black, only time will show what action unfolds there.

Jon Snow big reveal

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Is the HODOR story related to Jon Snow?

Remember how Bran Stark saw Hodor in his dream named as Wiilis? He talked normally back then. How did Willis become Hodor then? What is the story behind it? Moreover, it cannot be just coincidental that we get to see the young Lyanna just moments before Jon Snow comes to life?

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This definitely means that we will get to see flashes of the rebellion from the past to understand Jon Snow’s fate.

As of now these are some of the most potent questions after the Jon Snow big reveal on the show.

If you have any more interesting questions, please share in the comments section.

For now, let’s get back to celebrating!

Jon Snow big reveal

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