Fan Official Trailer

Contrary to all the assumptions we made about this movie, Fan official trailer surprised us with its novel and unique concept. Most of us have waited for the Fan official trailer to hit social media soon so that we could get some idea on the plot of the film.

Just like everyone else we assumed too that the movie will be about a diehard fan being able to meet his idol after all the troubles. That, we thought, would be the ideal “happy end” of the film. But, we were ridiculously wrong. Fan official trailer just gave a different, but a brilliant picture into what the movie is about. How would it be for a fan to finally meet his star and feel insulted? How would you feel if the idol you worship so sincerely crushed your emotions under his feet and didn’t care? Most of us would be insanely hurt and stop “unfollowing” the star (as they call it today!).

But Gourav is a different guy! Something transpires in that moment when he feels humiliated and then begins, what can be only called, a high voltage thriller between a Bollywood star and his Fan. A film that will probably start off on a lighter note will definitely take a serious turn in the second half.

If you ever looked at the logo of the title and wondered why it looks shattered and distorted; you will understand the logic behind it today after watching the trailer.

It is needless to say that the trailer has garnered a lot of love and curiosity among Fans (pun) already. This film surely looks very promising now and we are all in for a surprise. Don’t miss out on watching the trailer at any cost! It’s very interesting!


Source: YRF

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