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Jon Snow Is Alive And The Internet Cannot Stop Celebrating!


Jon Snow Is Alive

It finally happened! And it happened just the way we thought it would! Jon Snow is alive! And netizens haven’t been happier.

All of us cried foul the moment we saw him being stabbed to death in the previous season’s finale and then came up theories on how priests/priestesses could bring back the dead to life. The roots were found in season 3.

Everyone remembers the time when Arya was hanging out with the Brotherhood before she started hanging out with the Hound. The Brotherhood was led by Lord Beric Dondarrion, who had one particularly unusual characteristic — he’d been brought back from the dead six times. It was Thoros of Myr, a red priest (just like Melisandre), who had brought him back to life.

Initially it only seemed like something that added to the ‘fantasy factor’ of the show. But later when Snow was stabbed did we realize its importance. And now Jon Snow is alive! No points for guessing that Melisandre is indeed the one who uses her magic to bring him back to life. This is the moment everyone had been waiting for.

There is also a theory in the book that hasn’t really been explored in the show as much. In the book, Jon has the ability to enter into the consciousness of his dire wolf Ghost, just like his brother Bran. Therefore, there is a high possibility that Snow managed to do this while he was being stabbed and managed to keep his conciousness alive throughout. The show runners haven’t explored this side of the book and only said that Ghost has a sixth sense when it comes to Jon Snow.

Jon Snow’s resurrection has given a lot more solidity to the R+L=J theory and Snow could indeed be a Targaryen. If the theory does indeed come to life, Snow will then be the blood relative and nephew of Daenerys Targaryen and therefore a legitimate claimer of the throne.

The sixth season’s next episode is titled ‘Oathbreaker’. It goes out to show that hopefully now Jon Snow will walk away from the night’s watch and will have a very interesting plot line. For now, Jon Snow is alive is trending. Check out these tweets.








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