These Game of Thrones Battle Banner Teasers Will Give You Goosebumps

HBO is playing us again and how! Just when we waited for some “official GOT movement” these guys came up with Game of Thrones Battle Banner teasers. It is pure gold and scary as hell. How would you feel if you saw a tattered Stark flag with the detestable Ramsay saying, “Winterfell is mine”? Is there any way to define that feeling? Oh but wait! We aren’t even sure if that was Ramsay or some mean White Walker!

Then there are the Lannisters; strong, confident, focused and brutal as ever! We don’t really see them crumbling or dying out. They feel strong in their space. What is it that they eat man? No matter who dies or lives, these guys just keep going on without losing any hope. For all those out there who are betting their money on the Lannisters in season six, you will keep at it with these Game of Thrones Battle banner teasers.

What broke our hearts is what was said about the Targaryens. “Queen of nothing”, said the voice in the background in a foreign language. It was so painful to see the flag burning in fire. We have no idea what to make of it. Khaleesi is not only the queen on the show; she is the queen of our hearts. She was one in a million and they called her “one among thousands”!

Game of Thornes battle banner teasers are giving out a feeling of immense doom. It looks like the ugliest winter is here and ready to take on each of the houses. The curiosity around the upcoming season just keeps building on with each of these videos and doesn’t die out for days.

HBO release the season already! This is too much to take!

Winter is coming!







Source: GameofThrones

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