The Diary Of A Bald Girl – Roshini Kumar 


What happens when you are diagnosed with last stage bone cancer at the age of fourteen? Either you lose hope or you fight it out like a boss and show cancer its place. This is the story from the diary of a bald girl by Roshini Kumar. She didn’t only defeat cancer, but is now all out there to encourage anyone who is suffering from Cancer or anything else to remain positive. Roshini uploaded her pictured on Boredpanda and has received a lot of love. We bring you her pictures and their description in her own words.

At the age of 14 I was diagnosed with the 4th stage of bone cancer
The Diary Of A Bald Girl Roshini Kumar


Doctors were not certain if I would survive.Roshini Kumar The Diary Of A Bald Girl


I felt so weak during my chemo that I hadn’t ever imagined it was possible, I wanted my life back.Last Stage Cancer Survivor The Diary Of A Bald Girl


Somehow I managed to stay positive because I always thought it would be okay.Roshini Kumar


I can’t even begin to describe the relief I felt when I left the hospital cancer-free.Roshini Kumar cancer survivor


No matter how difficult it was, I’m thankful for the struggle because it gave me strength and made me who I am.cancer survivor Roshini Kumar dairy

Through her images from the diary of a bald girl, Roshini aims at inspiring others to embrace life and fight for it. It takes a lot of courage to do what she has done. Several women suffer from serious depression after they lose their hair and stamina due to chemotherapy. This girl has not only encouraged millions, but has also taught several patients to accept the fact and defeat the illness. Instead of focusing on the horrors of this disease and what it does to a person’s morale, these pictures instill hope of a different kind. And that’s what is importantly ultimately. After all what is a battle where hope is lost?