Prevent Cancer


Cancer is just not an alien term anymore. It may not have happened to most of us, but doesn’t mean we don’t know about it. Cancer is fast catching up with a lot of people and is lingering around in every corner of our lifestyles. The smart thing to do is not to panic when we here of someone known to us getting diagnosed with cancer. It’s not something we cannot beat or prevent. These simple lifestyle changes could actually help you to prevent cancer and spread awareness among several others and help.

Use steel bottles over plastic bottles to Prevent CancerUse soft colored bras instead of black to Prevent CancerUse deodorant instead antiperspirant to Prevent CancerPrefer white meat over read meat to Prevent CancerDrink ample of water to Prevent CancerPrefer Multigrain Bread over white bread to Prevent CancerHave Fresh Juices to Prevent CancerHave home cooked meal always to Prevent Cancer