Love is Stronger than Cancer


Cancer is one term that has the power to kill you even before you actually Die! The stigma, myths and the fear attached to this disease are so strong that they try and twist every desire of life that exists in your body. Cancer is never easy to deal with; physically and psychologically. Randy Bacon came up with a project called Sweet Life that represents and salutes several cancer survivors who have fought this battle head on and won!

Randy shares about these beautiful, heartwarming portraits that are moving people to tears today!


“Several years ago, the Hulston Cancer Center approached me to document survivors for a permanent exhibit in their hospital. I quickly decided that I didn’t want to focus on the pain, scars, and anguish of the disease.”

Randy Bacon - Love is Stronger than Cancer

“I wanted to portray the hope, love, strength, and even joy in the midst of the battle. Thus, Sweet Life was born.”

Randy Bacon says  Love is Stronger than Cancer

“To date, I’ve photographed over 50 cancer survivors, and the number still continues to grow. What I’ve noticed as a thread that links all of the survivors is the belief that life is a gift.”

Randy Bacon says Love is Stronger than Cancer

“When one is faced with the cold, hard reality that you literally may die soon, it separates what is truly important in life and what is not.”

Randy Bacon sweet Life Project

Randy Bacon Sweet Life Project

Randy Bacon Sweet Life

“Simply put, it scares me! But seeing sweet life radiating from the eyes of others that are flying above the struggle gives me hope and peace.”

Randy Bacon Sweet Life

Randy Bacon Photography

“So to see people that are radiating hope, love, strength, and joy smack-dab in the middle of the battle is inspiring and empowering.”

Randy Bacon Sweet Life Project

Sweet Life Project Love is stronger than cancer

“Ultimately, we are all in this together and we need this message.”

Sweet Life Poject Love is stronger than cancer

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All images belong to Randy Bacon. You can check out her work at Randy Bacon (Sweet Life)

Article source Buzzfeed