This World Cancer Day Things  Every Cancer Survivor/Patient Wants To Tell


World Cancer Day is probably one of those days when all of us take in an overdose of cancer care and treatment and then forget about it the rest of the year! We celebrate bravery and take the opportunity to tag and pay our respects to our survivor friends. It’s one day when we look up to real life heroes and respect the courage they showed in their battle for life.

But what is it that these people want to share with us on this World Cancer Day? Are they comfortable when we keep addressing them as “fighters” all the time? How do they feel when we keep ranting about our unfair lives while they are battling death every moment? Several cancer survivors keep quiet and keep their focus on the battle. But is it always that easy? What is it that irritates them? Are we responsible somewhere? Have we taken enough care to find out if our words and action have hurt them knowingly or unknowingly?

This World Cancer Day let’s attempt to listen to what they want to say. They do put up a brave face, but there is a lot that is breaking and annoying them on the inside. We asked a couple of cancer survivors/patients on what angers them and how they would like to share it with people around the world. This is an honest, in-your-face statements that they have made here. They might sound bitter, but they have a deep message.

Probably the next time you meet a cancer patient/survivor, you will know what it is that you must not tell him/her is. Let’s try to understand their pain and give them comfort instead of goofing up with these statements.

Let’s all try to fight cancer in its fight by joining hands this World Cancer Day.


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