Friends Reunion Sneak Peek 2

Is this our lucky day or what?! Friends Reunion sneak peeks are getting better by the day! Release the complete video already guys!

So this one gets into the auditioning section of the popular American comedy series. The Friends reunion sneak peek 2 explores the audition days of our beloved actors. So the first sneak peek was all about the poker episode and how the actors bonded off screen to create the perfect “Friends” chemistry on screen.

Friends sneak peek 2 is all about humour and pulling each other’s legs. Lisa Kudrow has killed it in this particular section of the video. Very honestly David Schwimmer looks and feels so much like Ross; it is difficult to see him as anyone else. And the best bummer came when Lisa a.k.a Phoebe starting pulling his leg over the audition.

Friends Sneak peek 2 is testimony to the fact that no matter how long it has been been since the show ended; the bond between the actors has only grown stronger with time. Matthew Perry is so dearly missed! I cannot even begin to imagine how epic it would have been if he was around in this reunion. So technically our desire to see the Friends cast on screen again isn’t entirely fulfilled for now, but this is good enough for the time being. I hope there is someone influential out there planning another epic chat show with these guys! And also that Matthew Perry and the rest of the cast makes it to the show. Friends Sneak peek 2 is all kinds of enthralling! Desperately waiting for part 3 now!

By the way, you will be very surprised to know that none of them had to give two auditions except one actor.We won’t tell you who it is. Watch the video and find out!


Sneak Peak Part 2

FRIENDS reunion 2016 – Sneak peak 2 :D(Turn on notifications for our page so that you can watch the full video as soon as its live)

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