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20 Things about a typical Gujju Man


20 Things about a typical Gujju Man

India is a country with diverse cultures and practices. One look at a person and we know what state or region the person belongs to. And amongst these it’s extremely easy to pin point at a gujju man. His sense of humor, style of business and the way he addresses other people is so unique; it makes spotting a gujju man a cake walk for all of us. Here are certain characteristics of a Gujarati man (Gujju man) that are common world over. Sweet, charming, business minded and a big foodie; that’s what you are looking for.

1. Every unknown woman is their “ben” (sister).

2. They will always add “bhai” after the name of every man you speak to irrespective of how it sounds. For eg. A certain David will become Davidbhai.

3. They believe that “dhana dal” is the best “mukhvaas” (mouth freshener) ever.

4. No matter how much they have grown up, they will be called by funny pet names like “bhailu”, “jigla” and “laalo” at home.

5. “Penda” is the sweet they choose to distribute to celebrate every happy occasion of your life.

6. Bargaining is their biggest strength.

7. Business rules their world.

8. “Baka” is their favourite word to address people you are fond of.

9. Garba is the only form of dance they know.

10. No matter what the offer/deal, they will always keep their shop closed for five days during diwali.

11. “Kathiyawadi” is one of their favourite cuisines.

12. They have a close set of friends you drink with, but no one knows about that at home.

13. They prefer watching English films in Hindi.

14. They make relations within seconds of meeting someone. Every elderly man is called “kaka” (dad’s brother) and every elderly woman is called “masi” (mom’s sister).

15. “Chaas” (buttermilk) is their favourite beverage.

16. They always come up with new schemes and ideas to run your business during festive seasons.

17. They are horrible at spellings.

18. They will always ask their wives to carry some “nasto” (snacks) when they go on a trip.

19. They are brilliant at keeping their business accounts.

20. They love their “farsaan” (snacks).

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