Babbettes Seeds of Hope
Babbettes Seeds of Hope

Babbettes Seeds Of Hope To Fund Cancer Research.

Babbettes seeds of hope is probably something you may not have heard of yet. Babbette Jaquish was known as the “Sunflower Lady” in the Eau Claire, Wisconsin, community where she lived. When she died of cancer last November, her husband Don Jaquish fulfilled one of her dreams. He planted 400 acres of sunflowers and started a company called Babbettes seeds of hope. He sells the seeds in order to fund cancer research. Babbette was told she wouldn’t last longer than two weeks, her positive attitude kept her alive and fighting the disease for nine long years. Unfortunately, her condition got graver every single day and she was too sick to look after her business. She realized in importance of clinical research for this disease and now her husband is fulfilling her dream with Babbette seeds of hope. Years after she passed away Don found a secret letter she had written to him. It said, “You move on and live each day.” “Feel me in the morning air and when you wake up and make your coffee.” “I will be there always.”

This is one of the sweetest and the most inspiring stories when have come across. It just fills us with immense hope for the future. Cancer is surely picking up its pace attacking thousands every day across nations. A story like this helps us to fight despair. It motivates us to do something along these lines and work towards helping humanity. Babbettes seeds of hope are sprinkled around the world and reaping lots of positive results for cancer research and cure. This is one of the best modern age love stories we have seen for real. *Grabs a tissue box*

Source: Brad Mikelson

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