Breast Cancer Awareness Video


We know that by now you have probably seen several breast cancer awareness video ads and campaigns, but it’s never really enough, is it? Breast cancer today is one of the biggest challenges women are facing in their 40s. One of the reasons the problem aggravates is because women do not get their bodies checked very often and at regular intervals. Breast cancer might seem like something that’s happening in the neighbourhood or at some turn at the end of a street, but the fact is it is attacking every woman.

This breast cancer awareness video shows you the exact odds of any woman getting breast cancer. Even when the odds are extremely low we keep our faith in it and strive to achieve our goals, but when it comes to breast cancer, in spite of the fact that the odds are really high and unfavourable, we choose to ignore it. This video tells why you must not take things for granted when it comes to check ups.

The issue is that most of are scared of the results and therefore refrain from the tests. Also, several are already assured that nothing is wrong with them and tests are going to put them under unnecessary stress. What we did not know until now is that the chances of Indian women getting breast cancer are really high. Even if the woman is not confident, the family needs to take the initiative and instil the confidence in her that she needs to take the test for her betterment and timely diagnosis (God forbid if something shows up).

We request each one of you to share and spread this breast cancer awareness video. Every woman needs to give this a look. Wait, why just a woman? Every grown up needs to give this a look!

Source: Breast Cancer Awareness