Elizaveta Bulokhova Pregnant Model Diagnosed Of Jaw Cancer

Model Elizaveta Bulokhova was diagnosed of jaw cancer at the age of 24.

Model Elizaveta Bulokhova

While vacationing with her husband in Amsterdam; a “normal toothache” changed her life forever and she was diagnosed of cancer.

Model Elizaveta Bulokhova

The doctors said that they would have to remove the infected bone and start chemotherapy.

 Elizaveta Bulokhova Diagnosed Of Jaw Cancer

The pregnant model diagnosed of jaw cancer was asked to abort her baby before beginning with chemotherapy.
 Elizaveta Bulokhova Pregnant Model Diagnosed Of Jaw Cancer

“He was very active and I would talk to him often when he was in my womb.”
 Elizaveta Bulokhova after losing her jaw

“I had to tell him to stop moving because I couldn’t keep him and then all of a sudden he did. He listened; he stopped moving”
Jaw cancer to  Pregnant model

At the last minute, what can only be summed as a miracle, Bulokhova was given the option of having a C-section.
After losing 95% of her jaw

Her perfectly healthy son Valentine was born 10 weeks early.
perfectly healthy son Valentine

“I just told myself whatever the universe has in store for me I will accept it. If my baby is meant to be born, he will be born.”
With her healthy son

These pictures are from her most recent modelling session. She has lost 95% of her jaw and yet knows how to celebrate life.
Kicked jaw cancer and back with her career

The once pregnant model diagnosed of jaw cancer is a confident mother and a role model for all of us today.
Elizaveta Bulokhova Roman Troubetskoi and valentine

What’s your excuse for being unhappy again?

Image credit: Vice (Manolo Ceron)

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