This Video Will Show You What Cancer Patients Feel Like


What do you want from life, a simple question that can never have the same answers?
We run after money, fame, prosperity, promotions what not? For what? Maybe, because we what happiness. But when the same question is asked to a cancer patient/survivor, the responses are so different and heartfelt; it will leave you in tears. Everyone wants a better life, but what happens when you feel like you will lose it? An unending adventure called ‘life’ is suddenly numbered. Within those numbered days, they look for eternity. They have learnt to value life, the hard way and they just want to experience and value the simple pleasures of life. They don’t want a lavish dinner; they want a simple, warm meal with their families. They don’t want to travel first class; they just want a cosy walk by the riverside. They want a world without disease. That’s what cancer patients/survivors and their families want. This video shows you how people differ in their attitude towards life based on the experiences they have had. Amongst the long list of material goods we all desire, there are people who simply want a Life! This video will leave you in tears and also probably open your eyes and help you to understand the extreme amount of pain and struggles cancer patients go through.