A Heart Warming Video: This Bone Marrow Donor Saved A Cancer Patient


What is bone marrow and how does it save a person’s life? This bone marrow donor may have an answer to that. Every year, thousands of people suffer from leukemia and many are at the verge of losing their lives. In order to save their life, they need a bone marrow (it produces all the cells in the body). In some cases the sibling is a match but it may not be a case always. In the unfortunate circumstances where the sibling isn’t a match or if the patient is any only child; one needs to look into the world directory and find a bone marrow donor. It’s challenging because several people aren’t aware about this and therefore the options are lesser. Also, many are scared as to how will it affect their lives and therefore they hesitate to register as donors. This bone marrow donor saw no big deal in signing up and donating a little marrow. His gesture actually saved an ailing woman who is all up about and healthy today.

Two years later when he met the person he had saved; he realized how big his deal was. The world needs more such people. It’s not a painful process, it doesn’t leave any marks on the body and it has no side effects. Please sign up and become a bone marrow donor. Contact any government hospital in your city/country and help save a life. It may not mean anything to you, but it means the world to the patient and his/her family. This is one of the most effective cures for blood cancer today. This video has just inspired all of us to sign up and save a life. Will you help someone live a life?

Source: Our Better World