‘Pizza should be declared the food of the century’, she says and we couldn’t agree more. I had been craving some good old pizzas for a while. If you ask me, nothing satisfies the human soul more than sinking one’s teeth into some bread, cheese and sauce.

It is no surprise that one search for a pizza recipe will cause a tsunami of results. But there’s this one I stumbled upon and I don’t know if it was the way the website felt, its simplicity, elegance or those beautiful food pictures, just couldn’t leave it. So here’s the pizza recipe I followed for the sauce as well as the dough.

Big shout out for the sauce recipe. It truly gets as simple as it can. Thankfully, nothing fancy on the blog there, all ingredients are available in one’s pantry. Also, frankly, as far as the sauce is concerned, I have always believed that one can customise. For instance, I added garlic granules for the extra punch and topped it with some dry basil.

Pizza Recipe Sauce

I wish I had some chicken at home, but the veggies were equally good. There is something beautifully mystical about chopped veggies on a plate. Cannot get enough of these!

Pizza Veggies

The excitement took over the better of me and I forgot to click the dough pictures, but you will get the drift. Planning to make these again; will cover the blog with dough pictures only. Until then here we go.


I rolled out the dough into thin rotis and then shaped those into squares. I have always had an extra fondness for thin crust pizzas. The ones with too much thickness or dough kill the flavours for me.

All in all, it was a fulfilling weekend with wonderful pizzas and some chilled lemonade to wash it all down.

Here’s a picture from the recipe I followed.

Anjali Pizza

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