Piku Movie Trailer



Finally it’s out! And it looks way better than what we imagined. Soojit Sircar, you magic man we know what a hit you can brew when you have real talent at hand and this one is just that. Deepika, you beauty, you stole our hearts from the moment the trailer began. A lot of effort has gone into giving her the right look that smoothly blends with her character. Then there is the absolutely impressive Irrfan Khan. Sir, you are a born actor! And it’s such an unconventional fresh pair Deepika-Irrfan, it’s a sure shot fire work on screen. And then there is the evergreen Senior Bachchan who is the third most important angle of this fantastic triangle. Every time he is on the screen, we literally run out of words and expressions to praise this man.


The story seems like the strongest hero of this much awaited film. A hard-working daughter who is single handedly taking care of her ailing and moody father is something that is going to impress young women big time. The chemistry between a father and a daughter has been explored and expressed to the hilt and both the actors have become the characters rather than playing one. There is a sense of responsibility and independence that Deepika exuberates with her natural grace and charm and Mr. Bachchan beautifully compliments it with his experience and panache. Irrfan is perfect in every frame.

The tagline is hilarious, “Motion se Emotion”. It speaks volumes about Mr. Bachchan’s ‘constipation’ issues in the film. LOL.

What is rather extremely inspiring about this film is Deepika. After battling depression for son long, she managed to conquer it and bounce back with this film. What’s all the more intriguing is Irrfan’s role in the film. The plot seems to be focused on a father-daughter relationship; it’d be fascinating to see how Irrfan fits in and creates a space of his own in this script.

Amitabh Bachchan admitted in a recent interview that nobody could have played his daughter better than Deepika. She looks like his daughter in every frame of the trailer. This adds a lot of value to the reach and believability of the film.

We really cannot wait for this one to release and 8th May seems so far suddenly. Good luck to team Piku, rock it!

P.S: Daughters, you must watch this one with your dads!