Game of Thrones New Red Woman

Needless to say this post contains big spoilers; get out right away if you aren’t up-to-date with the show!

Spoiler Alert!

Up until now our idea of the “Red Woman” only comprised of Melisandre (Carice van Houten). She has been the only “Red Woman” on the show ever and the recent reveal about her age and how she managed to bring Jon Snow back to life has opened bigger gates to imagination about the powers she has. But right when we thought that she holds the monopoly as far as “magic/miracle” is concered, this Game of Thrones new Red woman is breaking the internet currently.

Now for us to be able to understand the exact role of this lady on the show, we will have to rewind a little bit. Get back to episode three of season five when Tyrion first saw the priestess. He was on his way to Meereen when he first saw her preaching to the masses.

“The Lord of Light hears your voice. He has sent you a saviour. From the fire she was reborn to remake the world. The Dragon Queen.”

These were her exact words. It is pretty obvious then that the Game of Thrones new Red woman believes that Daenerys is the one who was promised and not Jon Snow. Now this is quite contrary to what Melisandre believes. She said in the recent episode that she will do whatever Jon Snow commands because he is the prince that was promised. Therefore she believes that Jon Snow is the reincarnation of the legendary hero Azor Ahai.

Now this gives way to one of the most popular fan theory about the the Three Headed Dragon.

Daenerys is a true Targaryen and that was established in season one itself. Now the R+J theory seems to be in full form and peeping its head in every nook and corner as far as Jon Snow’s parents are concerned. If the theory does come to life, Snow is no longer Ned’s bastard but rather his nephew born of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. If this is true then both the Red women are holding true to their belief of the reincarnation in Daenerys and Jon Snow.

Now there is another popular theory that says that Tyrion is not the son of Joanna Lannister and the Mad King which makes him, but naturally, a Targaryen. This is the three headed Dragon therefore.

It is all a speculation, but even if half of this is true, it is going to be epic. For now, the Game of Thrones new red woman is turning heads in the new preview.

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